Holmesdale Road residents live in hope

Report and videos by local road safety campaigner Lee Baker Local residents are waiting to see if their streets will stay as neighbourly, healthy streets or turned back into traffic-clogged cut-throughs. Community leader Angela said that removing rat-running from Holmesdale Road meant people wanted to spend time together on the street. 

Where is the need for ANPR, Councillor Ali?

So asks Open Our Roads when publishing this graph: One of their own supporters provides an answer: “Why are we playing theyre games? How does showing thousands of cars going through this road help us get rid of this?” We note the concern about unreasonable volumes. Having said that, we’ll look at a few moreContinue reading “Where is the need for ANPR, Councillor Ali?”

Our LTN will prevail

Why are we so confident that our Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Upper Norwood will win in the end? It’s simple. The tide of history has changed. The onslaught of car dominance over people started in the 1950s. In cities, trams and trolleybuses were removed. Buildings were bulldozed to make way for roads. In rural areasContinue reading “Our LTN will prevail”

It wasn’t a vote

Some of our local representatives seem to have been caught up in the meme that the opponents of the LTN ‘won the vote’. If they had been paying attention, rather than getting caught up in OOR hysteria, they should have spotted that it was a consultation. So looking beyond the simplicity of the numbers let’sContinue reading “It wasn’t a vote”

Why restrictions need to be kept at the bus gate

Supporters of the LTN broadly support the proposals in the officers’ report to the Traffic Management Advisory Committee, though some would prefer that the LTN was preserved in its current format with planters. However, almost unanimously, we believe that permitting local residents to drive through the bus gate undermines some of the objectives of theContinue reading “Why restrictions need to be kept at the bus gate”

Bromley & Croydon residents: join together to help design a Low Traffic Neighbourhood that works for all of us

Life must be intolerable for some of the Bromley residents in ‘Auckland Island’ who are now experiencing high levels of traffic driving through their area. There are a number of factors at play: the constriction at the end of Church Road due to the collapsed building an increase in local residential traffic seeking a wayContinue reading “Bromley & Croydon residents: join together to help design a Low Traffic Neighbourhood that works for all of us”

Local support for LTN

Here’s the view of local resident Martin Wheatley posted on Facebook There’s been a lot on here [Facebook ] recently about Croydon Council’s existing and planned changes to Auckland Road and nearby streets – of which I am a resident. With no disrespect to the views which have been expressed, and for the sake ofContinue reading “Local support for LTN”