Why restrictions need to be kept at the bus gate

Supporters of the LTN broadly support the proposals in the officers’ report to the Traffic Management Advisory Committee, though some would prefer that the LTN was preserved in its current format with planters. However, almost unanimously, we believe that permitting local residents to drive through the bus gate undermines some of the objectives of theContinue reading “Why restrictions need to be kept at the bus gate”

Bus gate: why not let local residents through?

There are now over 2,100 signatures to the petition which, while being supportive of the LTN, calls for the bus gate to be opened for access to local residents only. Our proposal for a better way of controlling traffic within the LTN makes it clear that the bus gate is essential to defending a safeContinue reading “Bus gate: why not let local residents through?”

Crystal Palace Low Traffic Neighbourhood – theory & practice

Purpose In their Croydon’s Streetspace Improvements Programme (CSIP) Frequently Asked Questions, Croydon Council state: “The purpose of this initiative is two-fold:  To allow residents safer access to their streets enabling safe socially distanced travel, exercise and other activities.  To keep traffic on the classified road network and by doing so reduce the volume of trafficContinue reading “Crystal Palace Low Traffic Neighbourhood – theory & practice”

Support for Croydon Council’s plan

Dear Croydon council I live near the Auckland Rd Cypress Hill junction. The road block was fantastic – we saw our non cyclist teenagers both cycling down the streets learning the dangers in a safe way and they now want to cycle to school or walk. The whole road was jogging, chatting in front gardens,Continue reading “Support for Croydon Council’s plan”