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Take part in the consultation

This is YOUR chance to share YOUR views on what should happen next.
Last date: 4 December. See how to.

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E-mail your Councillors directly and share your support. Tell them why you like the LTN Streetspace improvements. 

South Norwood

Jane Avis                  jane.avis@croydon.gov.uk

Patsy Cummings      patsy.cummings@croydon.gov.uk

Clive Fraser              clive.fraser@croydon.gov.uk

Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood

Nina Degrads           nina.degrads@croydon.gov.uk

Stephen Mann          stephen.mann@croydon.gov.uk

Pat Ryan                  pat.ryan@croydon.gov.uk

Cabinet Member for Sustainable Croydon

Muhammad Ali              muhammad.ali@croydon.gov.uk


Steve Reed               steve.reed.mp@parliament.uk

Croydon’s Highway Improvement Manager

Mike Barton             mike.barton@croydon.gov.uk

Take part in the Streetspace Survey

Make sure all the four buttons are selected (they should be blue), scroll through the map and select the closure you want to comment on.

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