Traffic data

This page provides links to local traffic data from:

  • Department for Transport
    • London
    • Croydon
    • Local main roads
    • within LTN
  • Speedvisor
  • Telraam
  • local citizen counts.

You can click on each graph for an enlarged view and follow the links to the source data.

Executive summary

  • There has been a massive increase in traffic in London since 2009
  • Virtually all this increase has materialised on minor roads (‘C’ and unclassified)
  • Croydon matches these trends
  • Traffic increases on specific rat-run roads are even more significant

Articles on traffic



DfT: source data
DfT: source data
DfT: source data
Source: Spreadsheet derived from DfT Count Points

DfT comment on above graph: “The traffic count data for a given location can be used to understand the trends for that specific minor road. However individual counts at minor road locations cannot be combined to produce a Local authority level. Traffic estimates for a local authority would need a larger sample size, and can’t be inferred from a limited number of raw minor road counts in that area.”

Local main roads

The data points marked ‘Manual count’ are from a typical day between 7am and 7pm. The remainder are estimated.

DfT: source data
DfT: source data
DfT: source data
Within LTN
DfT: source data

All data points except 2016 were manual counts on a single day between 7am and 7pm.


The Speedvisor is located near the entrance to Stambourne Woods on Auckland Road. It displays speed to drivers approaching from Anerley Hill (North East). It was installed temporarily in 2013, then permanently in 2019 after a serious crash. It can download raw data which can be used to derive traffic counts and speeds. This has been performed three times.

The Speedvisor has spectacularly failed to reduce speed. The record in January 2019 was 70mph.

January 2013

Spreadsheet data derived from 12 pdfs supplied by Croydon Council

January 2019

Crystal Palace Transition Town Transport Group: Auckland Road speed survey data (report and raw data) or download spreadsheet from this site

August 2019

Spreadsheet supplied by Croydon Council


Comparison of January 2013 with January 2019

Between 2013 and 2019, traffic increased over three-fold overall but by four times in the evening rush hour.


See Telraam traffic counters coming to Crystal Palace for more details about what these citizen monitoring devices are. There are currently 3 in operation locally:

Local citizen counts

Update 06/09/2021 – FOI requests

Various Freedom of Information requests have elicited the following Traffic data for the Auckland Road Speedvisor:

FilePeriodReport generatedNotes
FOI-3661737 3 sep 2018 to 15 sep 20183 Sep – 15 Sep 201811/12/2018
FOI-3661737 14 Jan 2019 to 21 jan 201914 Jan – 21 Jan 201921/01/2019This data is identical to the data we have been using in our analysis above which was sourced from Crystal Palace Transition Town Transport Group.
FOI-3661737 jan 2019Jan 201920/03/2019This does not tally with the January data immediately above. Most likely this data was corrupted between recording and generating the report 2 months later. This of course is the data OOR supporters use!
FOI-3661737 Feb 2019Feb 201905/03/2019
FOI-3661737 March 2019Mar 201920/03/2019
FOI-3661737 August 2019Aug 201904/09/2019
FOI-3661737 16 Jan 2021 to 21 March 202116 Jan – 21 Mar 202121/03/2021
FOI-3661737 1 April 2021 to 30 April 2021Apr 202104/06/2021
FOI-3661737 1 May 2021 to 31 May 2021May 202104/06/2021
Click on the links in the ‘File’ column to access raw data
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