Telraam traffic counters coming to Crystal Palace

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A local initiative is taking off to inform the debate around traffic management and policy in Crystal Palace. Volunteers are installing a number of stand-alone traffic counters using Raspberry Pi devices running Telraam software. This is an open source traffic-counting system that has been developed by a team in Belgium specifically to promote citizen science-led traffic policy.

Eventually the intent is to combine these traffic counters into a network.

The complete kit is cheap to buy (<£80) and relatively simple to build and install. If you are interested in hosting one, here’s what you need.

The correct location

  • You live somewhere with a street-facing window
  • This window has a completely unobstructed view onto the street and pavement – no poles, trees, or structures which block the view in any way
  • This window is on an upstairs floor (not on the ground floor)
  • There is no screen in front of this window that would obstruct the view from the Telraam
  • Shutters/blinds for this window can only be used during the hours of darkness
  • You have a wifi connection to which the Telraam device can be connected
  • You have a power outlet close to the window

The kit

This is all you need. The suggested suppliers (RS & PiHut) is not an endorsement; merely so you can find the right modules’ though we have found them to be reliable and fast.

Raspberry Pi 3 A+£23.82  
Raspberry pi case 1£5.66KKSB Case 2£17.00
Camera with 15cm cable£24.12  
Camera holder£6.78  
16GB micro SD card w/ adapter£8.21  
Power supply£7.74  
  Longer camera cable (30cm) 3£2.50
Total materials cost£76.33

1 Note this case does not have a slot for the camera cable so will have to be cut then taped to close
2 Includes an exit slot in the side of the case to allow a ribbon cable to be fitted
3 A longer camera cable helps with installation

Other materials

  • a roll of double-sided foam mounting tape to stick the Telraam to a window
  • black electrical tape to cover the camera cable

Building & setting up

This involves:

  • putting the kit together (10 minutes)
  • downloading the software and installing onto SD card
  • registering and setting up the network

Telraam documentation


A team is being set up to help build and install these systems, though of course due to Covid-19, the last step of installation will have to be self completed. Leave a message on the Contact form (include your address) if you need help.

This counter is still teaching itself to distinguish between cars & HGVs | click for more data

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