Our LTN will prevail

Why are we so confident that our Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Upper Norwood will win in the end? It’s simple. The tide of history has changed. The onslaught of car dominance over people started in the 1950s. In cities, trams and trolleybuses were removed. Buildings were bulldozed to make way for roads. In rural areasContinue reading “Our LTN will prevail”

Open letter to Councillor Muhammad Ali

1 February 2021 Dear Muhammad CRYSTAL PALACE AND SOUTH NORWOOD LTN Residents and supporters of our campaign were dismayed to read your announcement that the current LTN measures will be taken out before the implementation of the planned new experimental layout, and, indeed, before there is any clarity about the timetable on which it willContinue reading “Open letter to Councillor Muhammad Ali”

It wasn’t a vote

Some of our local representatives seem to have been caught up in the meme that the opponents of the LTN ‘won the vote’. If they had been paying attention, rather than getting caught up in OOR hysteria, they should have spotted that it was a consultation. So looking beyond the simplicity of the numbers let’sContinue reading “It wasn’t a vote”

Crystal Palace Low Traffic Neighbourhood – theory & practice

Purpose In their Croydon’s Streetspace Improvements Programme (CSIP) Frequently Asked Questions, Croydon Council state: “The purpose of this initiative is two-fold:  To allow residents safer access to their streets enabling safe socially distanced travel, exercise and other activities.  To keep traffic on the classified road network and by doing so reduce the volume of trafficContinue reading “Crystal Palace Low Traffic Neighbourhood – theory & practice”