Our LTN will prevail

Hokusai: The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Why are we so confident that our Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Upper Norwood will win in the end? It’s simple. The tide of history has changed.

The onslaught of car dominance over people started in the 1950s. In cities, trams and trolleybuses were removed. Buildings were bulldozed to make way for roads. In rural areas the rail network was decimated.

Wellesley Road traffic
A motorway through Croydon city centre

Croydon epitomised this by blasting an urban motorway through the centre of the town leaving East and West isolated.

But Croydon also illustrates the turning point – the first part of London to reintroduce trams.

Most significantly, it is a Tory government that is making proposals to provide safe space for active travel – not the usual suspects – and they are backed by the London Mayor and many local councils. Every opinion poll shows it is popular. After all, who wouldn’t want healthy streets unless you are the motor or fuel industry or those unfortunate people who have been sold the dream of car ownership.

Around the world

Now, all over the world, people recognise that car usage needs to be restricted in cities:

  • For the sake of the planet
  • For the sake of health
  • For the sake of safety
  • For the sake of childrens’ development
  • To just make our environment a more pleasant place to live.

We are just a small part in the inevitable journey towards constructing healthy streets and neighbourhoods in our cities.

Here are 11 more cities that have joined the car-free revolution

From Amsterdam to Tempe, Arizona, more and more cities are finding that eliminating cars from their streets makes people happier and healthier. Fast Company 30 January 2020

Netherlands: What Makes a City Great? YouTube video by Not Just Bikes

Amsterdam wasn’t Amsterdam either




New York

London: Mapping the extent of London’s new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

TfL Healthy Streets

Better streets for Enfield

Islington: St Peter’s people-friendly streets trial

Forest Gate and Maryland

Waltham Forest

One thought on “Our LTN will prevail

  1. God speed you sir.

    I believe you are right, and economics will very soon fall powerfully against the private car. We will need to press our noses against the show rooms in Park Lane to see them, and they will rarely terrorise us in deepest, darkest South London.


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