Gear Change: A bold vision for cycling and walking

Gear Change: A bold vision for cycling and walking - Department for Transport
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The Department for Transport has recently (27 July 2020) published a document that “sets out a vision for a travel revolution in England’s streets, towns and communities”. It is well worth reading in its entirety but for busy people, here’s a synopsis mainly using the graphics from the document.

Stepping it up a gear

We want – and need – to see a step-change in cycling and walking in the coming years. The challenge is huge, but the ambition is clear. We have a unique opportunity to transform the role cycling and walking can play in our transport system, and get England moving differently.

Because the potential benefits are huge

Increasing cycling and walking can help tackle some of the most challenging issues we face as a society – improving air quality, combatting climate change, improving health and wellbeing, addressing inequalities and tackling congestion on our roads.

Bold action will help to create places we want to live and work – with better connected, healthier and more sustainable communities. It will help deliver clean growth, by supporting local businesses, as well as helping ensure prosperity can spread across the country and level up our nation.

From the Introduction

Perhaps the greatest significance for our Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Crystal Palace is that our own local experiment can be seen in a much broader context. There will be changes beyond our boundaries, and the commitment to a six-fold increase in dedicated cycling and walking funding is proof of the “gear change”.

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