Support for Croydon Council’s plan

Dear Croydon council

I live near the Auckland Rd Cypress Hill junction.

Before the bus gate; barrier with flowers

The road block was fantastic – we saw our non cyclist teenagers both cycling down the streets learning the dangers in a safe way and they now want to cycle to school or walk. The whole road was jogging, chatting in front gardens, cycling, playing outside and dog walking while remaining distanced. It’s been amazing.

This road was terrifying prior to this. Crossing the road to walk the dogs daily was utterly terrifying, even though we are extremely near to a very busy school. The abuse of the 20 zone, incredibly fast rat run cars every day all day, and pollution.

The bus gate has been amazing also as I understand the need for buses. Please do keep this in place. My route to work is affected by 5 minute detours in the car when I go in but I can now mostly work from home.

I’ve chatted with others on dog walks daily and everyone agrees. It’s wonderful!

A thousand thank yous.

So many people walking now too , it’s brilliant.

Please do not be disheartened by the people who even want to drive to the triangle as they can’t cope with idea of the hill. It takes 15 mins on foot and is healthy! Or use the buses.

Also people complaining about jams elsewhere! It’s temporary road works causing that!! We have 3 of these causing the issue not the bus gates.

It’s a residential area here with huge schools. We need your LTN measures for essential safety and for youth exercise.

Thank you So much again

Caroline Hammond

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