Holmesdale Road residents live in hope

Report and videos by local road safety campaigner Lee Baker

Local residents are waiting to see if their streets will stay as neighbourly, healthy streets or turned back into traffic-clogged cut-throughs.

Community leader Angela said that removing rat-running from Holmesdale Road meant people wanted to spend time together on the street. 


“We’re feeling the benefits of a stronger community spirit and don’t want to lose that,” said Angela, of the Holmesdale Road Action Group.

Local resident Aengus and son Joe said they would never have been able to cycle to school together before the scheme was put in. 

Joe and Aengus

Holmesdale Road used to be a “racetrack” and parallel Whitehorse Lane was too busy and dangerous to cycle on, Aengus said.

Councillors on the Traffic Management Advisory Committee said the LTN should be retained to get a fuller idea of the benefits for another 12 months. The final decision rests with Cllr Muhammad Ali.

One thought on “Holmesdale Road residents live in hope

  1. I’ve adopted Holmsdale Road for my commute, as it bypasses the busy, scary junction at the bottom of Park Road, and the worst of the climb up South Norwood Hill. It is a nice road, and one evening I stopped because kids were out playing percussion on the railings on one of the corners.
    I am sure Councillor Ali will appreciate the improvement.

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