A vision for LTNs

Lets’ see what life offers when we get out of our metal boxes. What can we in Croydon learn from the Walworth & Dulwich experience? Yes, this was imposed on them too!

Photographs thanks to Crispin Hughes (his website is well worth a visit!)

What can we learn?

LTNs provide a safe environment for all generations

Walking & cycling is more fun

Friendly signs

Cargo bike – for sharing anyone?

With the right clothing, cycling is possible in the wet/cold

Planters haven’t “trapped” these people in their homes

It hasn’t “wrecked the community” (claim you often hear from the ‘I must drive my car community’)

Time-lapse Twitter video from Dulwich

19 cyclists a minute, on a rainy day: Dulwich Village Square, 8am 3 November 2020

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