Theory of relativity

For centuries, we were quite happy to think that time was constant until Einstein spoilt everything by advancing his theory that time was relative. But it has taken the advent of our local LTN for oppositionists to posit that a road that takes 5 minutes 10 seconds to cycle is causing 40 minute delays to car journeys.

So we thought we should provide some context. Here you can see how people are adapting to the new safe environment that is Auckland Road (and Lancaster Road):

Just 12 months ago, cars were clocked every day travelling at over 60mph with a record of 70mph. Today you see runners, walkers, scooters and mobility scooters using the road to provide safe distance to pedestrians. When schools were open, more children were cycling to school, some of them unsupervised. Even more pupils want to do this.

So instead of spending an extra 40 minutes sitting in traffic, how about coming to Auckland Road. Advantages:

  • save time
  • safer, unpolluted journeys
  • beautiful area
  • residents are friendly
  • try out cycling if you are not confident
  • a new etiquette is being developed of consideration for other road users

Fact checking the 40 minutes

A number of what we are told are ‘quality’ people are quoting journeys extended by 40 minute which they blame on the LTN. So it is worth looking at real journey times derived from FLOOW data. This is the same very comprehensive data which is used to show congestion on Google Maps. Pages 62 and 64 of the PJA traffic consultants report show differences in median journey time:

  • in AM Peak: ranging from -17 seconds to +116.5 seconds (at 28 locations)
  • in PM Peak: ranging from -15 seconds to +161 seconds (at 31 locations)

The report also points out (p 74) that there are a number of complex and contradictory factors involved in changing traffic patterns other than the LTN. Some factors affecting congestion (positive & negative):

  • more people working from home
  • choosing private car over public transport for social distancing needs
  • choosing cycling rather than private car due to less traffic on the road
  • road works
  • LTN pushing back rat-run traffic to main roads


The LTN was created so that more people can change from driving their cars to active travel. Now you’ve seen how safe and pleasant this is, why not give it a try?

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