Cypress School Pupil Survey

Pupils from Cypress School recently took part in a survey on how they got to school. This took place after the Walk to Schools week and no doubt the safer streets within the LTN must have had an impact. An amazing 272 pupils took part; a large and significant survey.

They were asked what was their actual method of getting to school and what was their preferred method.

Key points:

76% of children currently arrive at school by active travel modes, 19% by car and 5% on public transport.

Of those children arriving by car, more than half would prefer to use an active travel mode instead!

Just 3% of children were cycling to school at the time the survey was carried out. But 46% would like to! This has to be a reason to stick with the Auckland Road LTN – and expand LTN coverage over a wider area so that more neighbourhoods surrounding Cypress Primary are a safe place for children to cycle. The potential for growth here is clearly massive!

But walking doesn’t seem to be very popular! Despite the overwhelming number of walkers, not many pupils enjoyed it. They would much prefer to be cycling.

Update 1 September 2022

See the pollution levels when no action has taken place:

Address Pollution: find out how your own address breaks WHO levels

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